Golf warm up, golf hydration, golf nutrition: 3 things golfers need to do before getting to the golf course

Aug26th 2020

Without a doubt serious golfers, need to keep 3 things in mind before heading out to the coarse.  It will directly affect your game and really make playing much more enjoyable.  Im not saying that if you do these 3 things your going to consistently play your best games, but what I am saying is taking theses 3 things into account will defiantly set you up for a stronger day on the green. 


Setting a side a good 15 minutes before getting the coarse for a full body warm up is a great way to activate big muscle groups for some ball smashing action without injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints.   Consider a rubber band,  if we try to stretch it out while it is cold there is a good chance that it could snap.  However, if we heat it and actively warm it up, most likely it will stretch without snapping . 

Our muscle are not rubber bands, but they do have the very similar elastic properties.  Muscles and joints that are warmed up, consistently perform better with less injuries.   Our team at optimum physio customize a pain free warm up routine for our clients based on there age, athleticism and movements without restriction, pain or limitation. 


Hydration starts right out of bed.   You should strive for 1.0 to 1.5 ml for each Kcal expended.  For example, if a person needs 2,000 calories a day to sustain their body, they would need 2000 ml (2L) at minimum without considering physical activities.  This is a typical day without a game of golf.  

A day of 18 holes on the green during a hot summer day and also taking into account all the walking distance (an average 3-5 miles) we should be sipping 10-15 oz every 15-20 minutes or so to replenish fluids lost during physical activity.  Keep in mind the reason we sweat.  Sweating releases heat and the evaporation of the water from our skin cools us down.  The hotter we get the more we sweat, the more our bodies are attempting to cool us down.   So drink more water on hotter days.  Whether you are thirsty or not.

 It may be a good idea to also pack a sports drink on very hot or long days, intermittently drinking with water.  Sports drinks are recommended with activities over an hour time period.   Sports drink are packed with electrolytes that consist of vital minerals which are crucial for nerve responsiveness and muscle contraction during our swing.   Remember, dehydration is not regulated by thirst.  So if you are thirsty, most likely you are already dehydrated. 

Good fluid replacement guideline are to drink at least 2 cups (16 oz) of fluids hours before physical activity, drink 5-10 oz every 15-20 minutes during the activity and drink 2 cups (16 oz) for each pound of body weight lost during activity.  Another way to gauge your hydration is looking at the color of urine.  A good rule of thumb is lighter yellow the more hydrated you are.  If your urine has a dark yellow tint, you are severely dehydrated. 


A pre-workout meal is not a bad idea before playing 18 holes.  There is a good chance you will be playing 4-5 hours, walking 3-5 miles, doing some power swings.  All of this requires energy from complex carbs or starchy foods.  A good source are grains, legumes or tubers.  Other sources are pasta, bread, rice or potatoes. 

My all time favorite pre-workout meal, 30 minutes before tee time for 18 holes is one of two options:  avocado toast with a dash of salt and squeeze of lime juice or toast with almon butter with a smear of Nutella.  Remember this is to give you that energy after a fewer hours and you may need to pack some simple snacks( fruit with mixed nuts) to really help you finish strong on the back nine. 

If you want further guidance, information or a free screen to really owe these topics and have stronger golf game , visit us at or call to schedule an in-person or online free assessment.