Our Team

Christian Rincon, PTA

Aaron Coronado, Movement Specialist

Aaron Coronado obtained his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Medicine from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2018.  He aspires to complete is work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  His interest in physical therapy began on the south side of San Antonio, where as a child he experienced physical therapy and healing, after being diagnosed with Leg Calve Perthes a common hip disorder.

During his study at the University of Texas in he began working in a variety of clinics from special needs Pediatrics to geriatrics, gaining knowledge in the field of proper movement mechanics and personal health.   Soon after graduating from UTSA, Aaron began working as a movement specialist in November 2018 ,and has been a part of our Rockstar team here at Optimum Physio.   

              His hobbies include Basketball “Go Spurs Go” and he likes to “run” pick up basketball games wherever he can. He has also been a musician since childhood and plays a variety of instruments from guitar, bass, and drum.