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"All the personnel at the rehab center are very professional and always show concern for my well being, safety and health. They start therapy shortly after arriving and continue to assist me with exercises and different procedures that have definitely made me better. They treat every patient with kindness and respect. The staff all work together as a team to have every patient taken care of in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend this rehab facility, its therapists, assistants and all the workers, they all do their job well and enjoy what they do."
Oct 21, 2019
"First I want to thank Tony for your support as well as Arron ,Hiram and of course Mark in helping me reach my gold I also want to thank front staff Sonia, Elvin and Celeste for your help and support"
Sep 17, 2019
"I had the best experience. Never a Doctor took the time to show me and explain in that much detail, what was going on with me. Love the atmosphere and love the staff. I highly recommend this office if you really want some clear answers."
May 02, 2018


Ariana F.B.

Before PT, I tried just resting my hurt muscle, but even after a month, I still had pain and got re injured when I tried to exercise. At Optimum Physio, they answered all my questions and genuinely taught me how to actively work on my healing. Now, my day to day pain is gone and I’m more confident I can continue healing and preventing future injuries!

Ariana F.B.


Domingo M

I was having trouble with my balance and now I am doing a lot better I am walking real good now, I feel 100% better. The therapy has helped me a lot Dr. Mark De Anda and staff are really good and they do a wonderful job. I was also having pain in my back an now I don’t have it anymore.

Domingo M.

Kevin C

I met Dr. Mark De Anda at a presentation he made at my gym, called Alamo 180. I have always struggled with my poor posture and being part of a family of two Physical Therapists, I decided now was the time to get an evaluation and analysis of my neuromuscular interactions. Mark put me through a program of stretching and strengthening my back muscles. During my 12 sessions Dr. Mark De Anda stretched my thoracic region and I could feel ‘looser’ in my back area. Mark equipped me with home exercises that I can complete by myself. I can say my posture mobility is more supple. I feel better able to achieve a more erect posture. Knowing my back posture is the undoing years of poor posture, I will proactively continue these exercises 3 to 4 times per week. Thank you Dr. Mark De Anda, I wish you continued success with your practice.

Kevin C.

Mary N

Six months ago, I thought my career of 35 years was over. After meeting Dr. Mark De Anda and Sonia De Anda I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Mark De Anda told me from the beginning that he was in my care. I never thought my arm would rise again, but with constant exercises and manual exercises, my muscles are alive again. They may not be perfect but then nothing is perfect. I’m back at work and very thankful for Dr. Mark De Anda and Sonia De Anda at Optimum Physio.

Mary N.

Mauricio A

From the start to finish, the therapy Dr. Mark De Anda has given me the motion, skills, and strength I’ve lost. I regained the abilities to walk straight, run and move my foot in all directions, improved my balance and strength. I needed to get better before the track season started so I can continue pole vaulting. The break shrunk my limits but after therapy with Dr. Mark De Anda, he pushed them back to normal and for that I thank him. I 100% recommend him for anyone that needs a therapist.

Mauricio A.

Anna B

When I first came to Optimum Physio, I had a lot of lower back pain. After my first visit my pain was gone, the exercises and stretches during therapy helped very much. They also gave me a home exercise program that I can do and can also help relieve pain I’ve been living with for years.

Anna C.

Anna B

In July and September of 2017, I sprained my right ankle. That’s twice in one year! I was not able to dance. I came here and did some exercises that helped strengthening my leg. At first it hurt to do any kind of dance movements in general, but now I am strong again and will be getting back to dance!

Sofia C.