The #1 most common complication Of Total knee replacements is persistent pain and stiffness. It is so common Physical therapist call this Stiff Knee Syndrome.

This condition occurs up to 8-23% of all patient that have a total knee replacement.

You know you have it when

  1. You can not straighten your leg during walking
  2. Your knee pain only worsens
  3. Your swelling is ongoing
  4. Your leg feel weak or your leg feels heavy
  5. Your knee constantly feels hot or warmer than the other knee

If Stiff Knee Syndrome is left untreated it can result in permanent inability to bend or straighten the knee.

If you want to prevent Stiff Knee Syndrome after a total knee replacement. Working with a phycial therapist who specializes in rehab for total knee replacements will help you set you up for success.

Prehab is the one thing you can do before surgery that can improve your chances of a quicker recovery and avoiding Stiff Knee Syndrome by 29%.

  • Your knee range of motion and flexibility is checked and worked on to minimize probability of developing Stiff Knee Syndrome.
  • Your muscle strength is assessed then worked on to prepare them for surgery and ensure quick recovery after.
  • A Complete set of take home instructions for you to follow after surgery to insure success is given upon completion of Prehab.