Category: Meet the Optimum Physio Physical Therapy Team

Nov18th 2020

Patricia Sandoval

Patricia is a San Antonio native and has several years of experience working on the floor and in the office of medical clinics. She has a passion for helping others bringing health and fitness to her community. She understands the importance of a strong connect or bond a clinic must have with her city. In

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Sep1st 2020

Hiram Trevino

Hiram Trevino is a physical therapist assistant, who is originally from Laredo, TX, and has obtained his associates degree as a physical therapist assistant at Laredo College. After working for 3 years in the pediatric setting where worked and help kids with chronic conditions and illnesses, he decided to move to San Antonio to pursue

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May21st 2020

Aaron Coronado

Aaron Coronado obtained his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Medicine from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2018.  He aspires to complete is work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  His interest in physical therapy began on the south side of San Antonio, where as a child he experienced physical therapy and healing,

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