Why my exercise routine is not paying off and helping my golf game. optimumptsa.com

Aug5th 2020

When our clients first come to our clinic we often hear the same problem…Golfers spending hours at the gym use the same exercise routine (with a trainer or on there own) during the week with little to no benefit on the green.  They are frustrated with no improvements in driving distance, sore lower backs or they just run out of gas playing 18 holes.

I usually respond by saying… “If your house had a leaky roof every time it rained, you wouldn’t continually just send a handy man to do a patch up job.  If you really wanted to handle the problem, you would go to a roof specialist who truly knows the best way to fix the problem.”

Finding the right golfing physical therapist can save you TONS of time and get you results fast.  Such as our clinic, we are constantly looking for new ways and new tools to improve our client’s performance that ultimately stop pain during or after playing, improve driving distance and keeping them playing the game for years to come.

These are the top three reasons why golfers have little to no improvement on the golf coarse, despite all their hard work at the gym:

  1. Mobility, Mobility, Mobility, Mobility : Time and time again, I see clients working on general flexibility throughout the week ,and despite their best efforts they cannot unlock tightness with movements required in golf.  From my prospective, the two most important aspects of a good golf game is technique and joint mobility throughout the body.  Specifically, I’m talking about rotation mobility.  To be even more specific, I’m talking about the four-rotary center of the body for golf:  the neck, the shoulder, the middle back and the hips.  The rotary centers are crucial for not only playing well but also playing the game injury free.  Physical Therapist who specialize in helping golfers know these rotary centers very well ,and understand the standard amount of mobility required to play pain free.
  2. More strengthening less Cardio.  Let’s be real, golfing about speed and power during the swing.  Doing Cardio 3 to 5 days a week in-between golfing days is not going to get you to your dream goals with your game.  Strength training is the foundation for both speed and power.  Strength training does two things for power.  First, it keeps joints fortified during the power movements in your swing.  It protects joints and muscles from injury ,and keeps you playing more often for many years to come.  Secondly, strength training generates more muscle force to move the body faster during power moves.  Cardio training is great for sustain moderate intensity for long period of time like running consistently for 30 minutes but, golf consists of fast power movements during the swing with a long rest while walking to your ball.     
  3. More emphasis on core and posture:  Movements come easier when joints are aligned in powerful position.  Consider a pulley and cable mechanism lifting 100 lbs. off the floor.  When the pulley is completely vertical there is less strain on the pulley joint.  However, if the pulley is slightly tilted to the side, there is tremendous excess stress being placed on the pulley joint.  The joint may work for some time, however, eventually the pulley give in to the stress of the malalignment and fail.  Physical Therapist who specialize in golf performance, understand the connection of playing efficient golf, while maintaining proper joint alignment and core strength to for years to come without injury. 
  4. The body gets accustomed to your workouts: Our bodies will grow stronger, move more efficiently and learn to do whatever workout place on it with less effort.  That said, if we continue to do the same exercises, with the same weights, with the same routine, our bodies adapt to our workouts and we no longer receive any added benefit , and our progress can plateau.  Modifying the workout by changing the type of resistance, weights, sets, repetitions, positions, tempo will keep our body guessing and helping you progressing with mobility and strength.   Keeping things novel at Optimum Golf Performance in these parameters can keep our clients progressing moving along to reach their goals.  This is where qualified heath professionals who specialize in golf performance can really keep you on track and get you to your goals.

If you can relate to any of this and want to know how you can start handling your pain on the golf course, expand your time playing or just hit the ball further, visit us at optimumptsa.com or call  (210) 314-6725 to schedule an in-person or online free assessment.