Maximize yardage with less pain Webinar. How to hit further and what to do to play with no pain for many years to come.

Play more pain free golf and unleash your full swing potential webinar
Hosted by Dr. Mark De Anda DPT with Optimum Physio Therapies and Cohost AJ Montecinos at On Par Golf San Antonio.

Join us online as we show you how to play your best golf game with less pain with many years to come, that will help you gain further yardage

Become a better golfer, experience less back pain, and play for years to come.

This webinar is geared for all levels of golfers that would like to improve their game and play golf with less pain

TPI (golfing) physical therapist, strength conditioning specialist, Mark DeAnda who will be joined by golf pro AJ Montecinos Lead Golf instructor and PGA golf caddie of On Par Golf San Antonio

This webinar will be FREE, live interactive training with full body mobility assessment and technical coaching on swing, body mechanics, and swing set up.

After you have registered, you will be contacted to confirm your registration

Date: 23 Mar 2021Time:7 PMAddress:Online Webinar