Stay on The Wall injury Free. Top 6 ways to prevent Overuse Injury’s. Ways to stay a happy, injury free climber

Climb more with less pain and unleash your Climb potential webinar.
Hosted by Dr. Mark De Anda DPT with Optimum Physio Therapies at Armadillo Boulders

Join us online as we show you how to keep climbing with less pain without nagging injury that limit you, that will help you gain have more powerful climbing.

We will be coving top 6 way to prevent common climbing injuries. and become a more powerful climber, experience less pain , and Climb for years to come.

This webinar is geared for all levels of Climbers that would like to prevent climbing injurys and stay injury free or Climb with less pain

This webinar will be FREE, live interactive training with full body Dynamic warm-up for memeber at Armadillo Boulders.

After you have registered, you will be contacted to confirm your registration

Date: 16 Mar 2021Time:7 PMAddress:Online Webinar