What is the source of my Lower back pain and Sciatica Webinar. How to figure out where your back and sciatica pain is coming from. So you may enjoy a normal life pain free for many years to come.

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Live life pain free and enjoy a normal life without being a slave to lower back pain and sciatica and understand your source of lower back pain and sciatica.
Hosted by Dr. Mark De Anda DPT with Optimum Physio Therapies

Join us online as we show you how you can figure out the source of your back pain and Sciatica, so that you can start your journey to healing and regain a normal life without limitations.

Have a better understanding of the 3 sources of Lower back pain and Sciatica and Become free of back pain, experience less reoccurring back pain episodes, and for years to come.

This webinar is geared for all levels of lower back pain and sciatica suffers that would like to improve their quality of life and play your favorite sports, hobbies with less pain

Author of Get Your Life Back , physical therapist and strength conditioning specialist, Dr Mark DeAnda will host this Webinar.

This webinar will be FREE, live interactive training with full body mobility assessment.

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Date: 10 Mar 2021Time:7 PMAddress:Online Webinar